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Not quite feeling like yourself since becoming a mom?

Are you tired of feeling drained, unfulfilled and spread too thin?

Are you ready to bring back your mojo?

You are not alone!

When a woman becomes a mother, life as she knows it changes forever. Many of these changes are positive; as children enrich our lives, teach us how to love unconditionally and are inspirational for finding enormous inner strength. With this tremendous love and opportunity for growth, also come some uncomfortable transitions. Having children can disrupt every other aspect of our lives such as; relationships, physical space, time, self-confidence, identity, career, passions, appearance, self-care and sanity!

Some expecting and new moms are blinded by this shift and seek support right away. Many other moms press the pause button and devote years taking care of everyone else only to wake up one morning feeling completely overwhelmed or unfulfilled with their life.

Mothers are sometimes left feeling like they don’t know who they are or what they want out of life anymore.   

 Life Coaching can support:

  • Integrating work, motherhood and family
  • Managing stress and frustrations
  • Gaining positive perspectives
  • Creating more meaning and joy in life
  • Strengthening relationships and minimizing marital stress
  • Increasing confidence and energy
  • Re-discovering passions
  • Letting go of the need to be “perfect”
  • Designing new parenting strategies
  • Exploring your identity in addition to “mom”
  • Reflecting on what is working in your life and what is not
  • Easing into new transitions
  • Sticking with a health and wellness plan


What clients are saying:

“Through sincerity, encouragement and pure talent, Heather has assisted in helping me find out who I am in addition to a mom of three and what I needed to put back into my life in order to reach my goals both personally and professionally.”

-Meghan, Mother of 3 (Virginia)

“Not only has Heather been a terrific sounding board, she is incredibly intuitive about what’s really going on below the surface.  She has a way of listening and then reflecting back to you what she heard while also identifying the “stuff” that’s not being said. With her help, I am already living a far more joyful existence day to day being the mom I choose to be, and as a bonus she’s successfully helping me grow my business.  I feel more alive and on track now than I ever thought possible in this new chapter of my life.  It turns out you can have it all, you just need the right person to show you how to make it possible!  I count my blessings every time I have a conversation with her … my life is so much richer having Heather as my coach.”

-Bobbi, Mother of 1 (California)

“Working with Heather made me feel much more comfortable with my insecurities, as well as my occasional ambivalence, about motherhood. It has been hard to find other women who will be really truthful how hard this job can be. Heather has a way of laying her own experiences out on the table that made me feel completely safe about being honest with her and letting my vulnerabilities around motherhood show. Heather is an excellent listener and I felt really heard and understood by her. Even through my disjointed ramblings about what was going on for me, she was able to glean the core issues I was facing and give me some clear feedback. Heather’s coaching is practical and down-to-earth. Within the first two sessions I was able to move past a couple of big roadblocks in my professional as well as my personal life.”

-Lisa, Mother of 3 (California)

“Heather is an excellent coach who kept on bringing me back to what was important in my life. She helped me contextualize my issues and feel better about myself as a mother and in all my other roles. Heather was an anchor for me during the difficult first months of my child’s life. Working with her is an investment in your family.”

-Sonia, Mother of 2 (Germany)

“It was such a relief to find a safe space where I could share my frustrations as a new parent.  As a fellow mother, Heather understood all about nap woes and childcare burnout; as a life coach, she helped me come up with new approaches for these issues and more. In addition to offering guidance for making parenthood more enjoyable and less stressful, Heather helped return my focus to some of my non-child related interests. She validated the need to pay attention to myself outside the role of mother. Her coaching style really does embody the philosophy of “a happy mother-happy child.” Heather offers a great combination of insight, empathy, and encouragement. I ended each session with a concrete list of to-do items, and perhaps more importantly, a renewed sense of optimism. It’s such a nice feeling to know that someone is rooting for you and trying to help get you where you want to go!”

-Abby, Mother of 1 (Georgia)

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